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14 ALLAH AUR RASOOL PAR JHOOT BOLNA [Lying about Allah & his messenger (ﷺ)]

 Allah عزوجل aur us kay Rasul (ﷺ) par jhoot bolna:


Allah عزوجل ne farmaya:

وَيَوْمَ الْقِيامَةِ تَرَى الَّذِينَ كَذَبُوا عَلَى اللَّهِ وُجُوهُهُمْ مُسْوَدَّةٌ


“Aur Qayamat kay din aap un logon ko dekhenge jinhon ne Allah par jhoot bandha hoga, keh un kay chehre siyah honge”


Hasan Basri ne farmaya keh in se murad woh log hain jo kehte hain:

Agar ham ne chaha tou ham ne kia aur agar ham ne na chaha tou ham ne ne kia”

Ibne Jauzi ne apni Tafseer mein kaha: ulama ki ek jama’t ka khayal hai keh Allah aur us kay Rasul (ﷺ) par jhoot bandhna kufur hai, Jo keh millate islamia se kharij kar deta hai, dusri Millat (kufur) ki taraf muntaqil kar deta hai aur is mein koi shak nahin keh Allah aur us kay Rasul par, halal ko Haram karne aur Haram ko halal karne kay baare mein jhoot bolna , khalis kufur hai, jab keh is kay elawa jhoot bolne ki alag hesiat hai.


Aur Aap ﷺ ne farmaya:

Jis shakhs ne mujh par jhoot bandha, us kay lie Jahannum mein Ghar bana dia jata hai” [Bukhari wa Muslim]

Aur Aap ﷺ ne farmaya:

“Jo shakhs amadan mujh par jhoot bole tou woh apna thikana Jahannum mein bana le”

Jo shakhs amadan mujh se koi Hadith riwayat kare, aur use pata ho keh woh jhoot hai, tou woh bhi ek jhoota shakhs hai [Muslim]

Aur Aap ﷺ ne farmaya:

“Yaqeenan mujh par jhoot bolna mere elawa kisi aur par jhoot bolne ki tarah nahin, Jo shakhs

Mujh par jhoot bole tou woh apna thikana Jahannum mein bana le ” [Bukhari: 1291; Muslim: 4]

Neez aapﷺ ne farmaya :

“Jo shakhs Meri taraf (nisbat) se koi bat bayan kare, Jo main ne na ki ho tou woh apna thikana Jahannum mein bana le ” [Ahmad 297/5]

Aur aap ﷺ ne farmaya:

“Momin khayanat aur jhoot ka irtikab nahin kar sakta” [Bazar; Abu Y’ala]



Episode 14 || Poem On Major Sins || Urdu Course with Shaikh Zafar Ul Hasan Madani #amau

14. Lying About The Prophet (pbuh)

Allah, the Most High, says, {On the Day of Judgement will thou see those who told lies against Allah;- their faces will be turned black: is there not in Hell an abode for the Haughty?}

(Az-Zummar: 60)

AI-Hasan said commenting on this ayah that: they are those who say, if we want to do something we do it but if we do not want to do it we do not.

Ibn AI-Jawziy said when interpreting the above ayah: Some scholars hold that lying about Allah and His Prophet (pbuh) is unbelief that puts one beyond the pale of Islam. There is no doubt that a premeditated lie against Allah and His Messenger that declares something which is unlawful to be permissible or something permissible to be unlawful is pure unbelief. The question (as to when it is a major sin rather than outright unbelief) only concerns lies about other than that.

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Whoever intentionally lies about me shall have a house built in the Hell-Fire.”¹                                                                                                                                                                  

The Prophet also said, “Whoever intentionally lies about me shall take a place for himself in Hell.”²

The prophet said, “Whoever relates words purportedly from me, thinking it is a lie, is a liar.”³

The Prophet also said, “A lie about me is not the same as a lie about someone else: whoever intentionally lies about me shall take a place for himself in Hell.”⁴

It was related that the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Whoever relates something from me I have not said shall take a place for himself in Hell.”⁵

The Prophet also said, “The Believer is created familiarized with everything except treachery and lying.”⁶

We ask Allah to guide and protect us; He is the Most Generous.

¹Reported byA1-H~ithami in Maima’ AI-Zawa’id.
²Reported by AI-Bukhari and Muslim.
³Reported by Ibn Majah and Ahmad.
⁴Reported ~ Al-Bukhari and Ahmad.
⁵Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim
⁶Reported by Ahmad and Al-Baihaqi.

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